Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing onboard the Melina begins as soon as you leave the Hadicurari dock. No waiting. As we untie from the dock and start our cruise out over the beautiful Caribbean Sea the crew drop the lines getting ready for a great day on the water. They will be looking for Wahoo, Kingfish, Barracuda, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Shark and the occasional Billfish when they migrate into our waters.

What we guarantee is that you will have a great day onboard the Melina. At the end of the charter you can leave the cooking of your catch to us if you wish. We can arrange for one of our restaurant partners to cook up your catch, or if you would like the crew will clean and filet enough fish for you to take and cook at your own place.

We hope to see you onboard the Melina and on Aruba! Tight lines… Captain Peter.

Deep Sea fishing charters

  • 1/2 day (4 hours) USD 400
  • 3/4 day (6 hours) USD 600
  • full day (8 hours) USD 800

All trips max 4 persons, prices are for the whole boat.

Combi Deep Sea Fishing + Bottom Fishing

  • 5 hours USD 500

Policy on the fish:

All bill fish are catch and release. Any other, catch and eat. We can clean what you need for dinner or we can make arrangements with a restaurant where their charge is only $12.50 a person for a complete meal of your freshly caught fish.

Trip includes:

  • All trips includes bait, tackle, water ice and softdrinks.
  • Full day comes also with a light lunch!
  • Trip starts and ends at Hadicurari Marina (at the High Rise hotels, between Holiday Inn and Marriott).
  • Departure time from early 6 am and up, on request.


  • Sport fishing on a 29ft Cris-Craft, twin diesels (Volvo Penta).
  • Fully Penn international & Shimano Equipped (see pictures) 30 lbs, 50 lbs and 80 lbs.
  • Also for family fishing special light equipment available for the kids.

Tip to prevent seasickness:

No coffee or orange juice before the charter, just a light sandwich and a drama- mine!